Identity Theft, It Has Hit One In Five Already

Identity theft is on the rise with one in five Australians likely to, or already being victim of credit related fraud including identity theft.

Recently a report was commissioned that outlined the depth of the Identity Theft problem in Australia and the figures are alarming.

There was more than $2 billion lost in identity theft related crimes in 2005.  We are awaiting more recent figures but for now the outlook is not pretty…

This is a warning to every Australian, internet user or not, to be careful with their private and personal information.

Too many inocent Aussies are being ripped of without even knowing about it until it is far too late..

There were approx. 7% or 1.2 Million Australains falling victim of personal mail theft and that is frightening, as often your mail will contain enough information to use your identity to apply for credit cards, get ‘replacement’ identification or even remortgage your home..

“Credit card crime is especially prevalent, with almost 10% of Australians surveyed falling victim to someone either stealing or skimming their credit card. People aged from 25 to 49 years are the most impacted by mail theft.” it was recently stated.

Your Credit File is like your ‘Credit Passport’ and should be treated with as much respect.  You should always know what is on your credit file and why it is there. offers a paid service where clients can get a copy of their credit file within 3 business hours and have their credit files repaired upon review.

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