Good Brokers find it hard to place Good Clients with loans – Now there is an answer!

I just commented on a similar story

My concern is still the same. Conforming Mortgage Brokers are having more and more trouble placing their nonconforming clients in suitable products.

We are run off our feet at the moment with enquiry from non-conforming clients. These are regular Muims and Dads that have been knocked around by the up and down nature of the interest rates.
The loss of a job, additions to the family and a host of other real and valid reasons, all come together to make it much harder for Good, hard working Brokers to find solutions for their valued clients. We help as many of these brokers as we can but we are now finding it hard to get the staffing we need to keep up.

Good Brokers that understand the non conforming mortgage market are actually very hard to find and with more clients than we can handle, we even have to be choosy about taking on new brokers.

This all amounts to the fact that there are a lot of good clients out there that are really hurting.
I just hope that when the cheques are passed around that the Federal Government does not forget about thier roots, dont forget the Mums and Dads and Pensioners that are really feeling it at the moment.


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