How Many Men Need To Die Of Cancer Before Something Changes?

This is not normally the sort of thing I would write about in my blog but on the sixth of January this year I was found to have a lump on my left testicle.
In under 24 hours, I had been operated on and my left testicle was removed. By 13 January, I had been diagnosed with malignant testicular cancer.
On 15 January, I had a full-bodied CT scan, and it was found that I had a tennis ball sized tumour… In my midsection. Thankfully my prognosis is quite good. The survival rate of this particular cancer is 98%.


What I am so concerned about is that women in this country get a letter from the government every two years or so, reminding them of health screenings like a mammogram or a Pap smear, etc.

What do men get?


I am very fortunate that I had minor testicular pain and I actually went to the doctor and found this problem. If I had of been like so many of my friends and ignored the pain, there is a very good chance that the cancer would have killed me. I am now on a mission!


I may have mentioned in my blog previously that I am in the middle of starting THE NOW FOUNDATION and all going well, The Now Foundation will officially exist by the end of this week. (
The Now Foundation was originally conceived to help the more unfortunate members of our community. Since my cancer diagnosis. I’m adding the charter of men’s health issues to the core functions that The Now Foundation will address.


Starting earlier today I have commenced in awareness program by beginning a mailing campaign, writing to every high profile male that I can find in Australia.
I am seeking support in the battle against testicular cancer, on behalf of The Now Foundation from every male politician, every male comedian, every male celebrity, every male journalist, every male editor, etc etc etc.

I’m writing an individual personally signed letter to everyone I can find. That may be able to lend support to this very very important issue. I am in the middle of trying to contact Mr. Lance Armstrong and other prominent identities that have publicly disclosed their battle with testicular cancer.


Men’s health is something that men don’t talk about. More men die from men’s related cancers than women die from breast cancer, and yet it is not talked about.


How many fathers or husbands uncles brothers need to die before men’s cancer gets the same recognition and assistance as other community health issues?
The Now Foundation will be making a concerted push into raising the awareness of men’s health issues in Australia and throughout the world. If when reading this, you think you can lend some support, please contact me on this website or by phoning me within Australia on 1300667239.


Can you imagine the outcome, if we had 300,000 Australian men all working together to raise the awareness of these issues in a greater community. Imagine if it was 3 million Australian men, imagine it was 30 million men from all over the world.
I know that I want to and will make a difference, what about you?


This has been Graham Doessel, and this has been my comment.

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