Kevin Rudd Address To The Nation – What does it mean to you?

$10,000,000,000.00 to be injected into our Australian economy,


How much of it will hit YOUR pocket?….


  • Up to $21,000.00 in First Home Owners Grants (FHOG) ( be quick as this one wont last ! )
  • Aged Pensioners Get a Cash Payment before Christmas 2008
  • Carers will receive $1000 per person in their care
  • Family Tax Benefit (A) recipients will receive $1000 per eligible child in their care


Below is the full, Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Kevin Rudds ‘Address To The Nation’ from Last Night. (14th of October 2008)


The Aged Pensioner payments will be made from December 8th this year with single Aged Pensioners receiving a one off payment of $1400 and couples will receive $2100.

This has been decisive action and it will stimulate the housing market at least a bit.

What it really does though is make it easier for our kids that are still desperate to get into their own home with the upto $21,000 in FHOG. 


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