Tattoo Businesses Close

facebook comments about tattoo parlor closures
A few of the comments on Facebook tonight about the tattoo studios closing after the implimentation of the tighter regulation

Screenshot_2014-12-27-23-25-29Tonight I saw a Facebook post from the Courier Mail stating some 20% of tattoo businesses have closed up due to tightening regulation.


For those business owners, I can feel your pain.  I have been through the over regulation process before and I walked away from my business at the time only to now be in one of the most regulated industries i have ever seen… The Legal Industry.

Last year I took the plunge and started 2 law firms and not being a lawyer myself, meant I felt like I was under even more scrutiny.

Now I believe the regulation is all worth it.  It is so bloody hard NOT to run an incorporated legal practice “By The Book” because of all the regulation that it actually makes running the law firms easier for both myself and my Legal Practitioner Director.  It also gives me a lot more confidence in the legal industry.

Now back to the Tattoo Parlors closing down and all of the anti government sentiment on FB… Tightening up an unregulated industry is always going to be unpopular with a segment of the community, but the regulations once ironed out, should bring added stability and safety to the industry.

Lots of interesting comments on the FB story…



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